Thank you very much for your interest in 10th Indonesian Society of Interventional Cardiology Annual Meeting (ISICAM 2018). Authors are required to submit their abstracts or cases by sending email to
Please follow the below guidelines for abstract and case submission.
Abstract Submission Guidelines
Abstract Submission Topics:
  1.  Coronary
  2.  Peripheral / Endovascular
  3.  Structural / Congenital
  4.  CHF, CVRF, Miscellaneous
  5.  Basic Science
Important Dates:
  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 November 2018
  • Result Announcement: 14 November 2018
Abstract Format and Requirements:
  • The abstract must be written in English only.
  • Author is required to select the type of presentation upon their preference (oral or poster presentation); however the scientific committee will be the one who finalize the type of presentation.
  • Title should be indicative of the abstract content. Company or trade names, special symbols, characters and uncommon abbreviations are not permitted.
  • Author(s)’ name(s) and Affiliation (s); a maximum of 10 co-authors can be listed to the abstract. The name of presenting author will be underlined in the abstract.
  • Abstract body:
    • Abstract body should not exceed 300 words.
    • The abstract content must be organized in a following structure;
      • Objective(s)
      • Material and Method
      • Result(s)
      • Conclusion
Case Submission Guidelines
Case Submission Topics:
  1.  Endovascular
  2.  Coronary: Complex PCI
  3.  Coronary: ACS/AMI
  4.  Coronary: Complication
  5.  Coronary: Imaging
  6.  Coronary: General
  7.  Structural/Congenital
Important Dates:
  • Case Presentation’s Abstract Submission Deadline: 1 November 2018
  • Result Announcement: 14 November 2018
Case Format and Requirements:
  • Case presentation's abstract must be submitted in Microsoft Word format (.doc) and freeze image (.jpeg) as separated attachment.
  • Case presentation material must be submitted in the Power Point format, 10-12 slides.
  • Recommended content (Still frames only, No video clip):
    • First 1-2 slides: Brief history / Indication
    • Next 4-6 slides: Angiogram of the case, complication, management
    • Last 1-2 slides: Conclusion and/or learning point of the case
*** Please be noted that the abstract presentation session in the 10th ISICAM 2018 will be in English language. ***