iSTEMI Batam Launching

picture iSTEMI Batam Launching

Batam is one of the busiest city in Sumatra region with more than 1 million citizens. Indonesian Heart Association through working group for interventional cardiology and acute cardiovascular care, ISIC and INACC, has expanded the iSTEMI national registry and referral system to Batam. Batam’s branch of IHA has collaborated to develop a networking system for STEMI cases with the local government and Badan Pengusahaan Batam.



Currently, 2 PCI-capable center are available in Batam: Batam Authority Hospital and Awalbros Batam Hospital. It is expected that ISTEMI program can reduce the mortality rate due to STEMI by improving the referral system for patients to be re-vascularized immediately. Batam’s ISTEMI program is also projected to give contribution for the Indonesian national data of acute coronary syndrome, especially STEMI. (Nanda)