August 2017

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August 22nd 2017

It's not Always As Easy As it Seems

Clinical Information A male, 62 years old came with angina pectoris. Last February 2017 he had exercise stress test and the result showed positive ischemic response with moderate risk. Coronary angiography showed CTO at LCx with retrograde flow, 50% stenosis at mid RCA and subtotal occlusion at posterolateral…



Dewi Hapsari Suprobo RS Islam Klaten


Dafsah A Juzar National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita

August 7th 2017

ISR x Bifurcation lesion

Clinical Information A 59 years old male was admitted in Nov 16 Due to Inferior STEMI 8 hours of onset. He had history of PCI to LAD in 2014. Primary PCI was performed with 1 DES implanted in distal RCA - RPL

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